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the light of the candle
had a pulse that night,
throbbing like a heart;
shadows dancing with the light--
something heard my prayer,
cast to any who would hear.

someone heard the sales pitch
that lit a spark of fear;
throbbing flame and beat of heart
mirrored one another to play the part,
chill of death like winters breath--
a breeze came through the eaves
provoking a ghostly frosted gasp
as i knelt there on my knees.

not angel, nor devil
a nephilim appeared,
willful and rebellious
its wasted form drew near;
if nature could spawn a ghoul
this would surely be it,
born in a lofty eagles nest
that had fallen into a pit.

a feathered crown of antlers
resting on its brow
above a face of sabre teeth,
ribs of evergreen boughs
wrapped in shouds of spider webs
like a mummy in a tomb;
quickly my sanity began to ebb
like tides cheated of the moon--
the nephilim knew my heats desire,
i had no need to speak,
he lit a spark of life in me
and rose me to my feet.

insanity came to live in my head,
overshadowing the feeling
that i'm better off dead;
depression fleeing before the craze,
telling me i should love every day
as visions in my eyes blurred with tears
i cleared the drops away
to see that nothing was here.

the candle flame had long since died,
no chill was in the air--
i doubted what i thought transpired
'till i saw something
that showed the true liar;
an evergreen sprig upon the floor
bound to a feather
hung by gossamer above the door.
Nephilim's Blessing
edited by kersee9
thanks kersee for making my un-educated ass look brilliant!
forget liberachi
or elton john
the man i speak of
is both homophobic
and scared of himself.
he collects rubber chickens
and chia pets and constructs
barnyard scenes.  constructive
i answered the rhetorical test and failed
prayed while hitting my head so it would be heard
reacted poorly to the the words "no" and "sorry"
tried to insert my feelings into the equation
burned myself because that's what you do with trash
i got rejected
rejection is my greatest fear
because it means there is yet another person
that i am not good enough to spend any time with
rejection reinforces my suspiscion of inferiority
rejection means that i am not even human
rejection is truth extreme
one time i preemtively rejected someone
because their equation had no room for my feelings
we are friends still and there may yet be love there
but love can be a station that broadcasts to no one
sometimes it just goes off the air
rejection is swarm of static made of razors
rejection is a tongue you cant stop biting down on...
events transpire, shit happens
got this feeling i have become nothing
in your view and those around you
don't know why it matters but it does
it is connected to the pain switch in my chest
am i so little?  are you so much?
i shouldn't even care but i do
once we were connected a long time ago
i didn't sever the tie so who did?
was it you?  or was it somebody new?
i drift ever further away from the pontoon
try to reel me in on my inner tube
pulling the frayed end of rope from the water
vulnerable, pikes and gars circle for the slaughter
i cannot stop any of this so why fight it
nor can i show no emotion so why hide it
i can only hope the way i appear, eyes shining
is connected to the pain swith in your chest
but you probably just need to belch to rid it
ejected and dismissed by gas oh well
i look back at a time from before the arches fell
that is all i have, memories, it was great
get out while you can, go away, before it's too late
all emotion has gone sour, tainted
stained by my disease, a positive painted black
the dice came up all serpents that night
everyones hair was wild in spite
i knocked on the door and said words that were key
and vowed not to take part in the insanity

but strong cider is a crazy brew...

the door man smiled as he let me in
the room was filled with damsels and men
absorbed in games of drinking and chance
invited to join i softened my stance

because strong cider warms and persuades you...

smoke filled the air from cigars and pipes
an intoxicating smell both rich and ripe
hanging so thick in the air you could swim
in the corner on a stool, the barmaids child, lucky him

even the kid was into cups of cider mind you...

by now i was drunk, well into the night
in the next moment we froze like roaches in abrupt light
there came a rapping upon the door
everyone froze, chairs scooted on the floor

"to the back, it's the coppers!  all to the the trap door!"
everyone scrambled to get under the floor
a latch was thrown, shelves of liquer dropped into the cellar
along with the whole room down to the last fellow

packed like sardines down in the dark
so drunk were some that they snickered and barked
one calm fellow thoughtfully puffed his pipe
while a damsel had shat herself and was very ripe

i hadn't spilled a drop in my cup so i downed it...

then a commotion came from upstairs
beating on the floor to find hollows 'neath there
soon all was quiet we thought it a trick
then the trapdoor lifted, we had fooled those dicks
up in the room and relieved as hell
i turned the crank that lifted the liquer shelves
soon the party was roaring again
on with the night!  more cider and gin!
Prohibition, Cider And Gin
i hope it went something like that, if not, and alternate fantasy reality?
coming from everywhere in multitudes
coming around to feed on you
the simple ones only want your blood
but some want favors, money or love
every one sick in some way
and you have the cure
the thing that makes them sane
cigarette mosquitos sucking up your smokes
flease cling precariously
wont let go without some money
worst of all are the favor ticks
calling on favors owed
that do not even exist
they think you owe them something
for something that they did
parasites need DDT
their something for nothing asses
need to stay away from me

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fryin' ryan
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Ryan Miller. I like to draw, mess with imagery on the gimp and other digital applications, and I like to write. I have even been paid a small amount for a published piece or short horror fiction entitled Shaman in a collection called When Nightmares Fall. Most of my visual art starts as a pencil or pen drawing and gets finished up eventually on the computer. I like the outdoors but should probably spend more time there. My outdoor hobbies include swimming, nature hikes, and medicinal herb cultivation (not weed, although I smoke plenty), and I would like to start fishing and camping more. I used to hunt a lot but shied away from guns when I became mentally unstable, however I have many archery trophies and may start hunting again with a bow or crossbow. The only thing I've killed with a bow was a squirrel, a hard target to hit, and I have killed three deer, and countless squirrels and rabbits with rifle and shotgun. I like to gig, the art of spearing fish and frogs with a long forked pole from either boat, shore, or wading water, although it's been a few years since I have owned a license to do so (I am below middle class and am on a tighter budged than I used to be), although I grew up in a middle class setting .

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