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moonlight, cloudy skies
the assasins, the stars, hide themselves well
shadows cast in hedgerows
the lingering thief knows what must be done

stories of night, however wrong
sings a lucid beautiful song
the still, then a breeze
the hush appeases predatory needs

a thicket under the boughs
the darkest hue, where thickest night shrouds
concealed corpses lie in wait
to be discovered and voice their forensic opinions

stories of night, intruiging and true
sings a lucid beautiful song of lament and rue
the still, then a breeze
the coming storm animates the trees

an empty house in the woods at night
has a personality all its own
used and lonely wind moans through the panes
used also to hide and cook meth in dim light

stories of night, and a secret pact
casting plays 'till closing the act
the still, then a breeze
just creation and junkies needs

campers on their first real date
the man hot tempered and she's easy to bait
at nightfall a quarrel about the campfire
by dawn, ashes, the man ended the date early

stories of night, cheery and warm
sings a song of how death is born
the still, then a breeze
cover the ashes with leaves

under the cover of mother night
can't tell what you're seeing
not even with the light
dark discoveries, walk on in
neglecting your duties
to a reaper most grim
so steel yourself in the dark
and pay heed to the distance
where frigtened dogs bark
shrill pitched calls warning you
of treasures cursed in concealing gloom
finding gems you'd rather find in the day
even then their sparkle is washed away
dark hearted gems absorbing all light
devoured by the gravity revealed that night
under the cover of mother night
hurry, go home, and turn on the lights
I do not know the proper terminology of what I am writing my thoughts on, so it might sound a bit like hokey ameture ramblings...
or perhaps it is really nothing more than that.  

My mind took me to a place where everything happens in Cycles, which I am going to call Ages.  
They are for the most part uniform in duration and frequency.  This is because they are scheduled around a cycle I call the Human Cycle.  I think this whole nuclear war thing has happened four times already in Earths history.  I know this sounds crazy, but what if the four ice ages that Earth has witnessed were actually ancient nuclear winters?  Now some may think the words acnient and nuclear don't even belong in the same sentence.  However, the saying that history, and Human history in particular, repeats itself is true.  Just what if Prophets are people who realize this, along with the Oracles, High Priests, and Children of the Gods?  They realized that stories of old, legends, and whatever current equivalent of the Bible is being read, is almost like seeing a reflection of the future.  Ancient technology was real, so just how did they build those peramids?  Also, were they even primarily built as tombs (OVERKILL?)  I go so far as to say that much of what they called Magic, is what we refer to as Electricity.  Yes, the Bagdad Batteries are real.  So maybe if the Ancients had electric, why not nuclear energy, along with terrible weapons?  Nuclear arenals or something just as bad like us.  Here is where the Human Cycle fits in.  It's what people do, and always will do because of our remaining tatters of instinct, the memory in how we are built, in our very DNA that tells us how and what to do with ourselfes to stay alive.  The main malfunction in all this is War.  Advanced war that comes to an end at the twilight of every Age.  Then starts another Cycle.  Another Age.  The Earth has got to be way older thay even todays scientists think.  Prophecy is real, and this place my mind has taken me is nots so far away.
there was a secret,
hidden between a metaphor and a lie-
nestled in time and timeless,
though it happened long ago.

claims of religion and magic-
voodo, taboo and very much sacrafice,
were trespassed upon;
just for the secret to be known.

flowers crushed on the trail,
fires left behind the gift of warmth-
yielding to distance,
the glow of their anchor fades...

into desperation to know-
this thing, just this titdbit to know;
was more powerful than the wizards spells,
sharper than the warriors sword.

and yes, more ambiguous than the lie,
more confusing than the metaphor,
the secret was power, and it's keeper-
could only be a murderer...

how else did it keep itself?
rather than be spread?
secrets hurt their keepers-
the seekers wind up dead.
but so long as one survives...
the secret gets to be alive,
alway conniving to meet and know.
and be known.
you didn't see me
couldn't know me
until you looked away

drawn to what i see
drawn into why
i believe what i believe

so look away
to the horizon
where dark clouds stray

and the wind is blowing this way

keep your beliefs at bay
becuse of what i'm about to say
either listen or go away
the end will be the same
reading too much into shit-
but you said it best when you said it.
doesn't matter how it was meant;
no worries, the words are spent.
no taking that little poke back,
looking over the shoulder,
hit by a frontal attack.

never thought it would come from you,
but things go downhill, you know this is true.
a few little sounds wouldn't matter;
but i heard it-
and i love the fucking way that you word it.

go into seizures about taking back,
rewording and sweetening the original thing.
notes have been taken so how does this stack?
it's a funny thing, yes, a funny thing-
so funny to see, the way you lay is a pity,
body leaking fluids amongst the debris.
and now you see, but now you don't;

what a funny thing, what a pity.
fact-more americans have died as a result of police brutality since 9/11 than the brave military men and women who served in the middle east since the beginning of the war in iraq.

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fryin' ryan
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United States
My name is Ryan Miller. I like to draw, mess with imagery on the gimp and other digital applications, and I like to write. I have even been paid a small amount for a published piece or short horror fiction entitled Shaman in a collection called When Nightmares Fall. Most of my visual art starts as a pencil or pen drawing and gets finished up eventually on the computer. I like the outdoors but should probably spend more time there. My outdoor hobbies include swimming, nature hikes, and medicinal herb cultivation (not weed, although I smoke plenty), and I would like to start fishing and camping more. I used to hunt a lot but shied away from guns when I became mentally unstable, however I have many archery trophies and may start hunting again with a bow or crossbow. The only thing I've killed with a bow was a squirrel, a hard target to hit, and I have killed three deer, and countless squirrels and rabbits with rifle and shotgun. I like to gig, the art of spearing fish and frogs with a long forked pole from either boat, shore, or wading water, although it's been a few years since I have owned a license to do so (I am below middle class and am on a tighter budged than I used to be), although I grew up in a middle class setting .

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