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spitting blood in the dark
thought spatter patterns make their mark
as you articulate the horrible things you feel
specks of red on the floor
refuge of light beneath a distant door
shadows envelope you lying on the ground
spraying what you mean
leaking your life with every word
the floor is slick with your ebbing truth
gotta get it out to finally rest
gonna sleep like the dead
once you have an empty head...heart...soul...

finally adrift with madness at the helm
sanity had no chance amidst your worthless feelings
stuff them inside and never let them out
useless treasure-you have discovered-
the sacred empty room
forget all dreams, kill the lights
time to brood in the dark and decide
fixate on the misery of adversity
to fix this you will bleed
take your lumps, take all shit
all the decisions are split
proceed to the next damnation
for reasons lost in their translation

everything is tolerable
everything is understood
every little hex on you
tends to change the mood
everyone looks down on you
everyone looks through you
everyone looks uneasy
with everything you do

trying to find a way
to end this day in sanity
but every path you take
leads down a road of insanity
madness takes the wheel
reason fails to deploy
as you crash and burn
bashed against reality
like a frog rattled in a can
impossible to withstand

with every little hex you find
dark revelations unwind
new possibilities in suffering
new heights of excruciation
because every little hex
brings a new damnation
no outside stimuli
facing reasons
i want to die
the truth might bring me joy
but the truth is your toy
you be the judge
shall i punish myself?
i hold the grudge
in unknown silence
i crawl through the sludge
of time
memories of what i did
of what was done to me
past lives and waking dreams
out of my minds eye
out of my mind
photoshopping memories
to justify my life
out of time
out of a minds eye
im blind
dripping lashes, i'm wet
but not with passion
the moisture is red
will i finally wind up dead?
bet i know the same will be said
if i live, if i die
why?  what was wrong with that guy?
Blood Red by Negative-Pallor
Blood Red
you cannot hide the face of death
oppression ruled by bloodshed
no disguise can deface evil
the massacre of innocent people
growing opposition with words as ammunition
reflections of life's liberties
enforcing discipline through barbaric control
spilling blood throughout humanity

a loosely based quote from the SLAYER song Blood Red
do you take pills
to keep from getting mad
do you feel dead
or is it just in your head
raising the bar, raising the dose
raising the threshold of this host
threshold crossed, even with pills
you get lost and experience the thrill
of life
god you never felt so real
chemistry brought you to the edge
but now you've crossed over
everything is about to be over
for someone close or closer
surrounded by objects, no-
weapons, no-tools
to reach your goal-retribution
trade the pain and rage
because blood just got cheap
and now you are on the page
with the human side of you
it's strange, losing time
coming too while standing there
at peace with youreslf at last
now, you feel alive
Ok now u can order this in a print of every size!!!!!
The Hypnauticle print by Negative-Pallor

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fryin' ryan
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My name is Ryan Miller. I like to draw, mess with imagery on the gimp and other digital applications, and I like to write. I have even been paid a small amount for a published piece or short horror fiction entitled Shaman in a collection called When Nightmares Fall. Most of my visual art starts as a pencil or pen drawing and gets finished up eventually on the computer. I like the outdoors but should probably spend more time there. My outdoor hobbies include swimming, nature hikes, and medicinal herb cultivation (not weed, although I smoke plenty), and I would like to start fishing and camping more. I used to hunt a lot but shied away from guns when I became mentally unstable, however I have many archery trophies and may start hunting again with a bow or crossbow. The only thing I've killed with a bow was a squirrel, a hard target to hit, and I have killed three deer, and countless squirrels and rabbits with rifle and shotgun. I like to gig, the art of spearing fish and frogs with a long forked pole from either boat, shore, or wading water, although it's been a few years since I have owned a license to do so (I am below middle class and am on a tighter budged than I used to be), although I grew up in a middle class setting .

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